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Persepolis – Nastaran Travel Agency


If you live far away from Iran and have not visited it yet, we highly recommend you to follow this passage because we are going to take you to one of the heavens of the world. You may wonder how it could be possible, but you had better trust us for the reason that it is another magical power Alaedin Travel has. So imagine that you smell the scent of orange blossoms when it is spring in that promised heaven, that is, Shiraz; or when the night replaces the day, then the shadows of firm and huge walls of the most important ancients of the world, which is called Persepolis, whispering the untold tales of a long-standing civilization. Persepolis, Situated in the northeast of Shiraz has been distinguished from other ancient and historical monuments for many reasons that go beyond counting; therefore, as far as the historical image and the prestige of country goes, it is rather difficult to think of Iran without imagining the tall stony columns and glorious palaces of Persepolis. One reason that Persepolis is considered as one of the most significant remnants of the history of past civilization is definitely its unique and masterminded architectural design. The inscriptions on the walls of Persepolis provide a lot of information about the magnificent Persian history and culture. It was constructed by the famous Achaemenid Empire and was used as the capital for holding ceremonies. They hired many professional architects and artists from different nations at that time and made this incredible heritage with a unique urban architecture style. Alexander the Great burned Persepolis during his attack to Iran and most probably a great amount of books, artworks and cultural symbols were destroyed then. Sassanid kings also added some inscriptions to Persepolis. They are mostly located in Tachara palace, which was the palace of Darius the Great. It is interesting to mention that Persepolis, this amazing archeological monument, is also registered in UNESCO’s world Heritage List. Last but not least, the historical monuments of Persepolis are close to Naqsh-e Rustam and Cubic Zarathustrian Temple so you have this opportunity to visit all of them once.
Visiting this site is just like a lovely trip to the depths of the history. So, let Alaedin Travel accompany you on your tour to Iran to experience a very safe trip with the luxurious facilities and means of comfort.

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